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These innovative materials are used for their exceptional mechanical properties and their excellent performance in different corrosive environments. They are […]

Bronze is an alloy consisting of copper and other metals, such as aluminium, nickel, beryllium or tin. However, bronze is […]

Brass is undoubtedly the most widely used copper alloy. This alloy is composed primarily of copper and zinc. There are […]

Copper is one of the most widely used metals for industrial purposes due to its chemical and physical properties and […]

Stainless steel has considerable resistance to corrosion, particularly in moist environments or in fresh water. Its corrosion-resistant property is given […]

Aluminium is a light and resistant metal of grey-silver colour due to a thin oxidation layer that forms when the […]

Iron is a chemical element with atomic number 26. It is, by and large, the most widely used metal worldwide. […]

Titanium is well known for its anti-corrosive properties and for its resistance-to-weight ratio. It is light, hard and has a […]