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Brass is undoubtedly the most widely used copper alloy. This alloy is composed primarily of copper and zinc. There are different brass types: alpha-beta brasses (also known as duplex brasses), composed only of copper and zinc; beta brasses, which contain a third distinctive element and gamma brasses, which contain other chemical elements.

The main alloys used are OT58, OT63, OT70. The numbers represent the percentage of copper contained in each alloy.
Every alloy is available in several physical states.

Brass is a ductile and malleable material which has good corrosion resistance properties. In comparison with copper it is harder, more resistant and has better melting properties.

Brass is used primarily in the following sectors: the electricity sector, road transport, the marine sector, ammunitions (casings), sanitary services, the chemical and mechanic industries, the construction and furniture industries, minting and related activities (for coins, plates, medals, decorations), as well as for musical instruments.

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